Списание за завършилите ученици

ACS Alumni Magazine се издава за завършилите колежа ученици два пъти годишно (през юни и декември) от офис "Развитие". 

Taniel Gulian ’19: I Like Myself the Way I Am and I Don’t Know If I Was Going to Be like That Had I Not Come to the College

I first heard about Taniel Gulian of the wonderful Class of 2019 when he and a team of his peers won the Red Bull Soapbox race with their legendary vehicle “The Teacher” (Госпожата). As I was getting to know the graduating class who are now part of our alumni circle, I discovered that Taniel is a talented maker, engineer, and, well, fencer. He was an integral team member and a worthy
ambassador of our community during the third Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) Makeathon which we at the College had the honor and privilege to host in March 2019. In his senior year it appeared that the Student Computer Innovation and Fabrication Institute (SCIFI) had turned into his second home as I have heard stories of him spending the night there on multiple occasions. He is a chief organizer
of FISSION and unconfirmed rumors speculate that he is also a talented meme-creator. As Taniel seemed to be a well-rounded student who is taking advantage of our new makerspace and its facilities on a grander scale, I felt like I wanted to get to know him better and share his story with the alumni community. He and I met for an interview shortly before his Graduation in May of 2019, so here is what he told me:

- Interview by Alexander Tomov '04

- Interview by Alexander Tomov '04

Roumyana Ivanova: What Makes Us Special Is the Students and the Hard Work that the Teachers Put In

For the 22nd edition of the ACS Alumni Magazine I had the honor and pleasure to interview one iconic ACS teacher. A quick calculation shows that roughly a thousand of us have been in her classroom as 8th graders and some of us even met with her again as 11th graders for the SAT preparation elective. On her 25th anniversary as an ACS educator, we present this interview with ESL Department Chair Ms. Roumyana Ivanova.

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