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ACS ALUMNI Magazine is issued twice per year (in June and December) by the Alumni Relations, Development, and Admissions Office for the alumni of the American College of Sofia. 

Read Theodora Konetsovska's interview with Ann Ferren and Avis Bohlen, Two Harvard-Radcliffe Alumnae at Lamont

Ann Ferren and Avis Bohlen at Lamont Library, Harvard

The ACS board of trustees meets twice a year, in the US in the fall and in Sofia in spring/summer. This past October, I had the privilege of hosting the board in Cambridge, Massachusetts where my fellow trustees and I got together with a lively, enthusiastic group of ACS alumni studying or settled in the Boston area. We also took advantage of Harvard University’s campus to hold our two-day meetings. I thought it would be enjoyable for three of our members to be back on campus of their “alma mater” – Dick Ewing and Ann Ferren are alumni of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, while Ann and Avis Bohlen graduated from Radcliffe College. I was in for a huge surprise, however, when I learned that the building we met in had been off limits for Ann and Avis while they were students here (1957-1961). Lamont Library, one of Harvard’s wonderful and rich libraries, in existence since 1949 and centrally located on the Harvard Yard, was a men’s only facility until 1967.

Theodora Konetsovska ’97: Keep Your Accent and Your Last Name!

Theodora and ACS President Dr. Ewing at the Commencement Ceremonies of Class of 2018

Theodora first set foot on the ACS campus in 1992. During her five years here, Theodora was passionate about English poetry and Bulgarian literature, and harbored a deep fear of math, physics and philosophy. She played the piano almost as much as she attended classes, under the tutelage of the awesome Ms. Angelova. Theodora also discovered her love of acting – headlining in the role of a fat lady in a Polish play called Who Laughs Last and in a tiny role in the musical The Fantasticks. After graduating from ACS in 1997, Theodora attended Williams College in Massachusetts, where she studied Political Science and Economics. Following graduation in 2001, she became an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York for 12 years, after which she took a senior financial role at Harvard University. Theodora has served on the ACS board of trustees since 2012. She lives in Boston, MA with her husband Daniel and her two sons, Svetlin and Kalin.