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The ACS Alumni Magazine is issued twice per year (in June and December) by the Development Office for the alumni of the American College of Sofia. 

Tsvetan Iliev ’06: After My First Day at ACS, I Wanted to Switch Schools. I’m Glad I Didn’t.

Even though Tsvetan & I probably ran into each other in the halls of Ostrander in 2003, we officially met in the spring of 2019 when he got in touch with the Development Office with a request to take promotional photos of his electric pushscooter prototype against the wonderful backdrop that is the ACS campus in the spring. Over time he has developed a rather British accent and his taste for cars has evolved into a passion, which his higher education in engineering and his blog confirm. I was very happy he agreed for an interview for this edition of the Alumni Magazine. Read on what Tsvetan Iliev ’06 told me about his path after ACS, his business start up and fondest ACS memories.

- Interview by Alexander Tomov '04

Dena Popova ’06: Welcome to the Alumni Community, Class of 2019!

Dena and ACS President Dr. Ewing, with US Ambassador Eric Rubin at the Commencement Ceremonies of Class of 2019

"It was about 4 years ago when Lily Yovnova, ACS alumna and a talented poet, together with Nikola Nenkov, organized a huge literary reading event as part of their SIHP. Among the names of the most acknowledged contemporary Bulgarian writers, (Georgi Gospodinov, Alek Popov, Deyan Enev) there were also 3 ACS alumni, Alexander Shpatov, Dimiter Kenarov and myself." - Dena Popova '06, Graduation 2019