Shaping the Future: ACS Strategic Plan 2027

Dear ACS friends:

Two years ago, before the world was transformed by an unprecedented pandemic, a core group of ACS stakeholders launched a process to imagine the future of the American College of Sofi a. We felt a deep sense of  appreciation and respect for our community of exceptional students, educators and families. We were inspired by the ongoing work which has made ACS a pillar of educational quality in the nearly 30 years since its 1992 reopening. But we also knew that mature educational institutions cannot stand still; they must anticipate the changing educational landscape and prepare students for lives and careers in a rapidly changing world. We envisioned that a rigorous strategic planning process – which successful educational organizations worldwide utilize regularly – would help us to clarify current obstacles, agree on key goals for development, and craft an enduring vision of excellence for the College.

The goals and focus areas presented in the enclosed ACS Strategic Plan 2027 are the product of rigorous collaboration among faculty, staff, trustees, parents, students and alumni. Over 18 months, we conducted surveys of our community; held various focus group meetings; hosted a virtual offsite with more than 60 stakeholders. Each initiative helped us to identify existing strengths and weaknesses, gather and evaluate aspirations for the future, and prioritize areas of focus for the next five years. The engagement and enthusiastic contributions of our full community led to a fruitful and all encompassing result. We are deeply appreciative for that!

The ACS Strategic Plan 2027 is led by deep commitment to our students, focus on their happiness at school and high aspirations for their successes after ACS. The six Plan goals represent the areas fundamental to the College’s operation and impact: Program; Faculty and Staff; Community; Finances; Spaces; and Networks. Each goal seeks to answer big questions like, What kind of adults do we want our students to become? What impact do we want to have and on whom? How does the education we give stay current in the coming decade? How do we find the resources to match our aspirations? All answers proposed by the Plan are closely linked to ACS’s mission and core values. 

Next steps in the strategic planning process will continue to involve community contributions and hard work. In a series of events over the coming weeks we will share highlights of the ACS Strategic Plan 2027; please join us to share your feedback and ask questions. A rigorous implementation plan addressing the six goals’ specific focus areas is being developed, with a focus on priority and available resources. Implementation will begin in the current school year, followed by opportunities for ACS’s next President to make her own mark on the Plan. As we have done until now, we will keep you updated on progress and will welcome your input. Community collaboration has been crucial for our success to date; it will remain key going forward. On the eve of ACS’s 30-year reopening anniversary, we are thrilled to begin work with you on our ambitious Strategic Plan goals and to ensure ACS’s best path forward for the next 30 years.

Theodora Konetsovska ’97
Chair, Board of Trustees
October 2021

Strategic Plan Task Force members: Tom Marshall, Richard T. Ewing, Jr., Ed.D., Ivelina Borisova ’98, Karen Collias, Katherine Georgiev, Marcie Ries, Evgenia Peeva-Kirova ’04, Sam Seymour