Service Projects

With the beginning of our CAS Program at ACS, service projects became an area of extracurricular activities in which students needed mentoring in order to fully understand the spirit of volunteer work. Students at the American College of Sofia have taken opportunities to be creative as well as to initiate some more ambitious service projects. Some of the activities that have taken place since 2006 have been the following: befriending and teaching English to orphans, clothing or donation fund-raisers, conservation work to help preserve the natural environment of local areas, Special Olympics volunteer coaching, and even more school centred undertakings such as decorating or refinishing furniture in classrooms, and participation in tutoring fellow students. 

Affording students with true opportunities for service projects involves many interactions, such as the building of links with individuals or groups in the community (the school, the local area, a national or an international level). At ACS, our goal is to educate students, not only about doing things for others, but also doing things with others and developing a real commitment with them. Overall, ACS would like to foster its students in learning, understanding and developing a true respect for the dignity of others.