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The American College of Sofia (ACS) is operated and funded by Sofia American Schools, Inc. (SAS), a non-profit, educational corporation chartered in 1926 in the United States by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As such, SAS is exempt from income taxes in the United States and contributions to it are tax deductible in the United States.

SAS was created for the sole purpose of providing education for Bulgarian youth. When it became impossible in the late 1940s for an American institution to function in Bulgaria, SAS obtained permission from the courts to spend the income from its endowment on education in non-Communist countries near Bulgaria, primarily Greece and Turkey. It returned to Bulgaria when conditions permitted and its sole function now is operating the American College of Sofia.

SAS is composed of members and trustees (who are also members). Members meet annually to hear reports and to elect members to three-year terms and trustees to one-year terms. Under its bylaws, all operating powers rest with the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees holds two regular meetings each year, one in the United States and one in Sofia, along with whatever special meetings are necessary. Its Executive Committee is empowered to act for the corporation between Board meetings.

Since the reopening of the College in 1992, the Board of Trustees has been chaired by Robert C. Hubbard, James E. Clayton, William J. Williams, Jr., Roger Whitaker, and, currently, Jonathan B. Clayton. Neither members of the corporation nor trustees receive any compensation for their services nor are they reimbursed for the costs of attending corporation or Board meetings. 

SAS has no office or employees in the United States. Its administrative work is contracted out to Eisikovic & Kane, LLP in New York City. 

SAS may be contacted:

By mail:

Sofia American Schools
i/c/o Eisikovic & Kane, LLP
1430 Broadway, Suite 1105
New York, NY 10018
Telephone: (212) 944-7733
Fax : (212) 944-1041
e-mail: ad@eiscpa.com

Teaching at ACS

The American College of Sofia hires international teachers on a two-year contract. The minimum qualification is a content area major from an accredited college or university. While we prefer teaching experience, we will occasionally hire a person who has outstanding content knowledge and some experience working with youth. More often we hire a person with some teaching experience and/or a teaching credential.

The American College of Sofia typically hires international teachers through search agencies such as Search Associates and at well-known international hiring fairs such as the University of Northern Iowa Fair and fairs that are sponsored by Search Associates. We also accept applications by e-mail. Typically, our list of available teaching positions is finalized early in January. However, we do post positions as they become available. 

We try to complete our hiring during the teacher recruiting season in late January and February.