At the College, STUDENTS will be:

  • in the center of the learning process;

  • in small classes – average classroom size is 19;

  • a part of our special advisory system that ensures students get guidance and support by trusted adults outside their classes.

At ACS, students will get support, and may attend:

  • programs for students with specific interests in particular areas (sports program, performing arts program, school newspaper, school literary magazine, mathematical team, physics team, etc.);

  • programs for continuous work with students who excel in different areas and have distinguished themselves at competitions;

  • the special consultation periods, built in the daily schedule;

  • personal growth programs, developing one’s social skills and a strong sense of community.


At the College, PARENTS will have the opportunity to:

  • maintain constant communication with teachers and administration through our electronic platforms Engage and Google Classroom;

  • request and take part in individual parent-teacher meetings both during and outside of the regular conferences.

We encourage students to think outside the box, develop critical thinking skills, learn how to construct logical arguments, and voice their opinion in a respectful manner.

We value perseverance in achieving one’s goals.

We promote respect for the community in which you live and study.

We emphasize the value of academic honesty by teaching you to take responsibility and make sound decisions.

At ACS, students will:
  • Develop and benefit from an academic environment, combining the rich traditions of Bulgarian education and the clear requirements and values of modern- day American educational practices.

  • Interact with teachers of different backgrounds and academic experiences.

  • Study with international students, representing different cultures and traditions.

  • Study with students from different Bulgarian towns – 15% of ACS students come from over 30 towns around Bulgaria.

  • Operate in an environment where English is the language of instruction.

  • Learn other foreign languages.

  • Have a chance to participate in international school exchange programs, international competitions, and forums.

  • Thrive in a tolerant environment, respectful of different cultures, identities, opinions, and beliefs.
At ACS, students can choose from a variety of extracurricular activities, like:
  • Girls and boys sports teams (volleyball, soccer, basketball, and table tennis);
  • Numerous clubs including ACS Dance Program, Tennis, Circus Arts, Hiking, Ecology, Psychology, Debate, Photography, Cooking, Guitar, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Robotics for Beginners, Programming, and Science;

  • We Care Club, Ted-Ed Club, Animal Protection Club, Model United Nations Club, Friends of UNICEF Club, Interact Club, Creative Writing in English Club, Medical Club;

  • Performing Arts Program, Instrumental Studio, ACS Choir, Modern Dance Club, The Fountain literary magazine, College Life student newspaper, Phoenix News TV newscast, and many more.

Polina Kehayova

Scientific Director, Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University

“ACS is one of the main shaping forces in my life. It inspired me to embrace my love for studying and it opened my eyes to all the opportunities that were available in the world. I sincerely hope that my daughter is lucky enough to have the same educational opportunities as I have had, and going to a high school the caliber of ACS would be a large part of it. When I entered ACS, it was the first time in my life that I actually had to sit down and study a lot. I was also juggling a lot of choir rehearsals so I quickly learned to be very organized and very efficient in everything I did. That’s a skill that has helped me over and over and has become even more important now when I have to split my time between my daughter Anna, my job, music and cake decorating hobbies, and my friends.”

Dimiter Kenarov

Went to Middlebury College and University of California, Berkeley, poet and free-lance journalist for The Nation, Boston Review, The New Yorker

"My years at ACS have been some of the happiest in my life so far. I made many friends and we had lots of fun back then. At Middlebury, I noticed pretty quickly how much easier it was for us ACSers, compared with other international students, to get used to US college rules and discipline. At the same time, we had no language barriers and no problems with the overall workload. This was mostly thanks to ACS, even if it didn’t always feel so enthusiastic while we were still students there and plotting our rebellions.”

Evgenia Peeva

went to Harvard University, founder of Teach for Bulgaria Foundation, CEO of SoftUni Svetlina

“Had I not gone to ACS, I would have never gone to Harvard for my undergraduate degree – an academic, personal, and professional experience that clearly has marked all of my experiences thereafter. Had I not gone to ACS, I would never have formed the lasting friendships and professional relationships I currently cherish and put to good use in my everyday work. Had I not gone to ACS, I probably would have never been able to effectively identify and attract motivated and socially responsible young volunteers for the non-profit initiatives I got involved in afterwards (indeed, ACS students are still among the best volunteers you can find around!). Had I not gone to ACS, I wouldn‘t currently be in a position to appreciate the importance of great teachers and great schools in one‘s life and to contribute to the educational institutions that I am a part of with such confidence and belief in their shared mission.

Positive Atmosphere Promoting Quality Learning

  • a beautiful park-like campus with classical buildings

  • a new America for Bulgaria Campus Center

  • a fully equipped, 380-seat theater

  • a modern library with access to a number of online encyclopedias

  • four computer labs and three science labs

  • SCIFI Center - Student Computer Innovation and Fabrication Institute

  • a 180-seat concert hall

  • a dormitory for students outside of Sofia

  • multimedia in the classrooms, facilitating interactive education

  • a full size multi-purpose gymnasium

  • indoor and outdoor sports facilities (dance studio, fitness center, outdoor basketball courts, tennis court and playing fields)

  • an environment fostering safety and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Affordable Education

We believe that every Bulgarian student that has successfully passed our admissions exam must have the opportunity to study at ACS. If you are accepted, but your parents can’t afford the tuition fee, you can study at ACS, thanks to our tuition fee reduction program. Here are some facts and figures about it:

         - In the 2022/23 school year 1,802,767 BGN was awarded to the families of our Bulgarian students.

         - Subsidy size varies from 10 to 90%

         - We also offer annually 5 full scholarships covering the cost of the entire course of study

What is covered by the tuition fee?

All school and extracurricular activities, school materials, college counseling, as well as the full access to all school facilities.


An average of 98% of ACS graduates apply to universities abroad.

ACS graduates attend the best universities in the world: Princeton University, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Yale University, University of Oxford, Brown University, Cornell University, London School of Economics, Dartmouth University, Tufts University, Vassar College, and others.

Graduating students that choose to continue their education in the USA are eligible and considered for scholarships that may cover a substantial part of their tuition fee for the full course of their education.

ACS graduates are now successful professionals in Bulgaria and around the world.

Download the ACS Brochure for Bulgarian students admission from HERE.

Download the ACS Brochure for International students admission from HERE.