Alumni Giving

The Alumni Get It

Our alumni get it. Education can be so much more than the established curriculum. The American College excels at providing what is possible above and beyond the classroom. Our alumni know this because they experienced it while at ACS.

That is why they give.

Alumni give to Financial Aid - to give the kids of Bulgaria the opportunity to experience the great learning spaces of ACS.

Alumni give to Student Activities – because they know that true imagination and inspiration take flight in extracurriculars, whether it’s a rehearsal for the ACS musical, an Astronomy or Biotech club, or a basketball game in the Bubble.

Alumni give to Excellence in Teaching – because they are wise enough to know that when teachers are empowered and appreciated, it makes all the difference in their approach with students. 

Alumni give to Campus Improvement – because they know how much the campus spaces matter in shaping and nurturing a meaningful educational experience. 

Alumni give to the Inez Abbott Giving Circle - because they believe in the meaning of affordable and high-quality education for young women from outside of Sofia.

Alumni give to Unrestricted Funds –  because they trust this school to allocate their support where it is needed most. Financial Aid, Student Activities, Excellence in Teaching, Campus Improvement, and Unrestricted are all the giving categories on

Thank you for giving back! You get it.