Alumni Magazine


In Issue 24 of the ACS Alumni Magazine we share with you Dr. Roger Whitaker’s 30th Anniversary remarks, as shared with the Class of 2023 at their Commencement Ceremony. Instrumental to the reopening in 1992, he is without a doubt the best person to tell that impressive story. We offer you also the moving story of Mary Chakalova, Class of 1931, as brought to light and generously shared with us by her devoted, history-loving son Georgi Shopov. We are glad to provide a closer insight into the personalities of two of the ACS sports teachers: Stefka Papazova, who leads the Sports Department and has been teaching at the College since 1992, and former Volleyball Team GB representative Mark McGivern from Scotland, who has been at the College since 2021. Come for the history, stay for the sports - enjoy!

Issue 23 features the story of Mircho Guev ’35 and the importance of education in fighting for human rights, insights by recent alumnae sisters Ana and Gergana Peykovi ’20, the first class to graduate in Covid times, and a lively conversation with Dr. Dimitar Dimov '11 busy with his mission to modernize and advocate for change in the construction industry. You will also meet long-standing ACS star teacher and historian Dr. Zornitsa Semkova.

Issue 22 features the story of Lily Klyavkova ’39 and what life after the College used to be for her, insights by recent alum Taniel Gulian ’19 and reflections from Lilia Vazova of the ACS Class of 2002. You will also learn about what it’s like to be a long-standing teacher at ACS from ESL Department Chair and teacher Ms. Roumyana Ivanova.

In Issue 21 we are reading about life after the College and the exciting projects of Tsvetan Iliev ’06, memories from the pre-war years by Sava Savchev ’44, and reflections on what ACS is like today from Joana Nikolova, who recently joined the alumni community with the Class of 2019. We are revisiting their Commencement ceremony with Dena Popova’s ’06 address. We are remembering together Birgitta Cattelle and we are indirectly attending the huge ACS wedding of Krasi Tomov ’05 and Julia Masleva Tomova ’06. We find out what Kosta Karakashyan ’14 and Lora Beltcheva ’15 have been up to, as well as where ELL teacher (2015-17) Isabel Norwood is nowadays. Happy reading!


Issue 20, featuring interviews with pre-war alumna Tsvetana Beleva ’42, beloved Physics teacher Vanya Angelova, and inspiring student turned alumnus over summer Vladimir Gospodinov ’18, as well as the tale of our very own MakerSpace, at the foot of the renovated Ostrander Hall, and a very special class note by one of the coolest ACS former faculty members, Lindsay Moran


Issue 19, featuring stories on ACS trustees Ann Ferren and Avis Bohlen, Class of 1944 alumnus Nikolay Georgiev, alumna and trustee Theodora Konetsovska '97, and then senior Ivan Ivanov '18

Issue 18, featuring stories on Dimiter Lambrinov ’39, late ACS star teacher Ivailo Dimitrov, and then student, now alumna Maria Grozdanova ’18

Issue 17, featuring the stories of Mara Bozhilova-Popova '38, film-making alumna Slava Doytcheva '07, senior (at the time) Kosara Tsoneva '17, and the first ever ACS Arts Fest

Issue 16, featuring stories on Liliana Ikonopisova ’42, Board Chair and Founding President Dr. Roger Whitaker, former teachers John Kelly and Garth Greenwell, as well as then students, now alumnae Nelly Afzali ’17 and Nia Alexieva ’17

Issue 15 featuring the stories of surviving war veteran and alumnus Dobrin Georgiev '43, Geography teacher and professional photographer Colin Boyd Shafer, alumna Elena Stoycheva '00, busy preserving the beautiful culture and traditions of a depopulating village in the Rhodopes, and homework-defying juggling senior Angel Kozlev '16

Issue 14 featuring materials on seniors Ivana Andreeva '16, Mihail Georgiev '16, and Tsveta Kamenova '16, who organized the first international FISSION Science Fair at ACS, ELL teacher Garrard Conley and his moving memoir Boy Erased, and newly appointed ACS trustee Nedko Kyuchukov '03

Issue 13 features interviews with Nora Pencheva '05, leaving ACS President Dr. Paul K. Johnson and Mrs. Teresa Monicken, alumna Veronika Georgieva '98, senior Radosveta Gencheva '15, the valedictory address of Adelina Ivanova '15, as well as a former ACS teacher Kalinde Webb's Harry Potter fanfiction The Clarissa Black Effect.

Issue 12 features interviews with award-winning ACSer Kosyo Karchev '15 and ACS and Harvard alumna architect Zhanina Boyadzhieva '06, a collection of memories on recently passed beloved teacher Stoyan Karadjov, former teacher Patty Anderson's recollections on life in Bulgaria and a material on The BEST Foundation, an English speech and debate organization based in Bulgaria and run by Fulbright Grantees, among them ACS teachers Michael Deegan and Hannah Allen.

Issue 11 features an update on the Campus Center, an interview with Andrew Robarts, Vanessa Angelova ’14’s valedictory address, an interview with the 7 ACS alumni at Teach for Bulgaria, a collection of memories of Coll Perske ’03, poetry by Alexandra Grashkina ’00 and exciting family news by Trayan Trayanov ’00.

Issue 10 features an interview with Christa K. Black, Dr. Floyd Black’s granddaughter, a peek inside pre-war ACS with Professor Nikola Alexiev ’42, the sugar pine and other adventures of Maria Mircheva ’97, some Free-Sofia-Touring with Stefan Ognyanov ’04 and fond memories of Mihail Ivanov ’05.

Issue 9 features Lisa Kostova Ogata’s (class of 1997) interview with Professor Carl Djerassi who attended ACS in 1938 and 1939, a reflection on the teacher talent show known as Faculty Follies, Lisa Kostova Ogata’s riveting address to the graduating class of 2013 during Commencement, Magda Bucior (ESL Teacher & later Dean of Students)’s Senior Dinner remarks and the valedictory address by Teodora Mihailova ’13. We are remembering Leda Mileva ’38 (1920 – 2013) and Arek Hampartzumian ’44 (1925-2013) and sharing the passion for heights with Professor Georgi Atanasov ’45. You also get to read about The Wonders and Wanders of Life after ACS by Kalina Manova ’98.

Issue 8 features an interview with Alice Zlatka Litov ’42 by Lisa Kostova Ogata ’97, an overview of ACS alumni in Arts, the bicycle diaries of Martyn Rowlands and Monika Rzezniczek’s blissful recollections.

Issue 7 features an update on the Class Rep project, a meeting with the newest alumni on the ACS Board of Trustees Theodora Konetskovska ’97 and Lisa Kostova Ogata ’97, 17 images of Asia as seen by Yuri Boyanin ’07, Dr. Roger Whitaker’s Greetings to the Class of 2012 as well as Ms. Susan Sutton’s Remarks to the Class of 2012 and a marvelous selection of vintage College Life titles and “biseri”.

Issue 6 features a story on the establishment of the Alumni Fund, brief biographical notes about the AFAC members, a collection of memories of the late Nikola Kyossev ’37, a reflection of the October 2011 meeting of the ACS Board of Trustees and some amusing vintage ads from the 1929 Боръ issue.

Issue 5 features an Interview with Derek Tellis, Dean of students, and Jennifer Lawrie, College Counseling Assistant, a report by Nick Mazing ’97 on the ACS 150th Anniversary Celebration in New York, and introduction to new Board of Trustees Member and Alumna of the Class of 2004 Evgenia Peeva, excerpts from Andrey Filipov’s address to the Class of 2011 and Dr. Zornitsa Semkova’s remarks to the graduating class, Summer Enrichment Programs Presented by Class of 2011 Alumni and a letter from Zornitsa Stoyanova ’01 on the occasion of her class’s 10th graduation anniversary.

Issue 4 is largely dedicated to the festivities surrounding the 150th anniversary of ACS, showcasing overviews, greetings, and Senior Projects dedicated to the celebrations. These project feature some College Seniors' interviews with modern-day College presidents Dr. Roger Whitaker, Dr. Arthur Charles, Mr. Louis Perske, Mr. Thomas Cangiano, and Dr. Paul Johnson, student-led interviews with pre-war alumni Petko Bocharov ’38, Georgi Popov ’39, Tsvetana Beleva ’42, Karekin Hampartsumian ’44, Hristina Dobreva ’46 and Veselina Fikova ’46 and post-1997 alumni Dobrina Vassileva ’97, Hristomir Yordanov ’98, Apostol Dyankov ’01, Alina Lilova ’02 and Denitsa Simeonova ’03. The issue also features a message from Bill and Birgitta Cattelle and a report on the October 2010 Board of Trustees meeting by Nick Mazing ’97.

Issue 3 features an extensive overview of sciences at ACS, excerpts from History Teacher Ivaylo Dimitrov’s address towards the graduating Class of 2010, an interview with Roger and Susan Whitaker, a feature on Class of ’38 Alumnus Petko Bocharov’s Sights from Three Bulgarias, and interview with Dimiter Kenarov ’99 about his second poetry book Apocryphal Animals, pieces by Martina Nikolova ’06 and Polina Kocheva ’07 and a message from Nick Mazing ’97 on the Alumni Meeting in New York City.

Issue 2 is dedicated to the drama experience at ACS between 1992 and 2010. Additionally it features a note from Kathryn Davis, now van Steyn, who taught Biology and Chemistry at ACS from 1993 to 1995, and one from former English teacher (1994-1995) Lindsay Moran, a message from Polina Kehayova ’97 and another one from Nick Mazing ’97, the Alumni Representative on the ACS Board of Trustees. You’ll also find a feature on Velizara Passajova ’06 and Kiva.

Issue 1 is the ACS Alumni Magazine inaugural edition. It features and ACS story over 17 years, told in pictures, Iain McClinton’s Address to the Graduating Class of 2009, a reflection on the 2008-2009 school year by college counselor Kate McKenna, an interview with Ms. Kalinde Webb and Mr. Bill Fisher, as well as one with Mr. Gorden Crumbie. You’ll read an overview of a different kind of reunion, one with pre-war ACS alumni and a word from the Alumni Representative on the ACS Board of Trustees Nick Mazing ’97.