Pavlina Marinova

mother of two ACS alumni

The American College of Sofia successfully turns into reality its mission of nurturing and inspiring the young people to follow their dreams by thoroughly preparing them to be competitive on a global level.

Elizabeth Philipova-Alexieva

mother and aunt to three ACS pupils

To me, ACS is everything a parent wishes for their child – i.e. the best!

Letter from the President

Dear ACS Parents,


My wife, Jane, and I have been settling in to Black House on the campus of ACS and beginning to meet members of the ACS community. We are both so pleased to be here and looking forward to meeting you in the weeks and months ahead. If you are new to ACS as we are, we share your excitement at joining this wonderful teaching and learning community that has such a distinguished past and dynamic new presence. I have already had the privilege of meeting most members of the faculty and staff, and I know that there is a whole school here that is eager to get to know you and your newly admitted sons and daughters when you join us in the fall.
If you are returning parents, you already know the outstanding quality of the ACS faculty and staff and the exceptional educational opportunities available for students at this school. You already know that this is a welcoming community that believes so strongly in the value of education and also in the values of this unique institution. I look forward to working with my colleagues at ACS and with all of you to ensure the continuing excellence of the ACS educational experience for your sons and daughters.
Students at this age quite typically do not yet know who they are, much less what they might become. These high school years are critical to building a strong foundation for future learning. They are also important and exciting years of growth and discovery. As we look forward to the new school year ahead, my colleagues at ACS and I want to extend to you an invitation to join us in the journey of discovery we will be making with your sons and daughters.
Over a span of a century and a half, ACS has been on this journey many, many times with students and their families. Every year, there are aspects of the journey that may seem familiar to those who have taken it before, and every year, as any educator can tell you, the journey is new and different. We can promise you that the year ahead will be full and engaging, and we urge you to be actively involved by participating in parent-teacher conferences and by attending special events in sports, the performing arts, the fine arts, and other activities around the campus. In particular, I encourage you to be in touch with the Parent Teacher Association to find the ways you can be involved in the life of the College.
Thank you for being a part of the ACS community. We look forward to a great year ahead.

With best wishes,

Dick Ewing

Richard T. Ewing, Jr., Ed.D.
President, ACS