Letter from the President

Dear ACS Parents,

As the weeks unfold into months, the year ahead will define itself. As a parent of children who attended esteemed international schools who are now adults making their way in the world, I share that sense of pride each of you reading this email likely have for choosing ACS. We are a school that demands academic attention; this is true, but we are also an academic institution that invites a sense of wonder to explore and to take risks so that dreams have a chance of becoming reality.

If you are returning parents, you already know the outstanding quality of the ACS faculty and staff and the exceptional educational opportunities available for students at this school. You already know that this is a welcoming community that believes so strongly in the value of education and also in the values of this unique institution. I look forward to working with my colleagues at ACS and with all of you, our newest families and our returning, to ensure the continuing excellence of the ACS educational experience for your sons and daughters.

ACS will carry forward its commitment to cultivating a community known for its exceptional teachers and student body. It is important, however, to call attention to the caliber of our parent community. This community is impressive. Among your peers are parents and professionals who embody the values of this institution. The year ahead will be full and engaging for your child, let it also be this way for you.

This year is a special year. ACS celebrates its 30th Anniversary since reopening in 1992. I encourage you to be an active participant in the life of the College. You will make a difference. Together, we will make an even bigger difference. Please consider what this contribution might be. Please also consider whether you might join me to discuss the ways in which the ACS Parent community can be engaged with our school -30 years in the making with 162 years of history.

On behalf of this exceptional community, I welcome each of you to what will be an exceptional year.

With kind regards,
Emily Sargent Beasley
President, American College of Sofia

Pavlina Marinova

mother of two ACS alumni

The American College of Sofia successfully turns into reality its mission of nurturing and inspiring the young people to follow their dreams by thoroughly preparing them to be competitive on a global level.

Elizabeth Philipova-Alexieva

mother and aunt to three ACS pupils

To me, ACS is everything a parent wishes for their child – i.e. the best!