Teaching at ACS

ACS is among the top private college preparatory schools in the Balkans. Admission is highly selective. Integrating the values and best practices of American pedagogy with the rich educational traditions of Bulgaria and Europe, we seek to develop critical thinking, lifelong intellectual curiosity, leadership, and collaboration among multi-talented students of various social, cultural, economic, and geographic backgrounds. ACS graduates are accepted into some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe and are valued critical thinkers and problem solvers able to set clear goals and achieve them.

Facilities and Resources

On our historic campus, teachers enjoy access to state-of-the-art technology and teaching tools, including projectors in every classroom and a one-to-one laptop program for our students. Faculty are supported by a dean of students who responds to discipline issues and a Faculty Development Coordinator who offers teaching advice and heads a professional development program offering opportunities such as conferences, courses and certifications. Young teachers are robustly supported by their Department Chairs. Efforts to emphasize innovation and creativity are supplemented by a robotics laboratory, a fully equipped maker space, a wood shop, and a broadcast studio.

Holistic Teaching Approach

At ACS, the focus of our faculty is teaching excellence. In support of this effort, our teachers embrace opportunities to understand and support our students on multiple levels – by serving as advisors and club sponsors, by attending performances and competitions, and by embracing ACS’s commitment to offering multiple areas and opportunities for our students to excel. These efforts to build additional points of contact with students enable our teachers to strengthen connections and enhance classroom learning. The school administration is responsible for organizing events and supports the teachers in organizing extracurricular activities. 

Rewarding Environment

Our faculty and staff enjoy competitive salaries and the privilege of working with attentive, intelligent and highly-motivated students and families on a beautiful, well-equipped campus an eight-minute walk from the Alexandar Teodorov-Balan metro stop.