Very Good Results for ACS from the National Round of the Physics Olympiad

Eight students (Grades 10-12) represented the College at the national round of the Physics Olympiad in Silistra this past weekend (April 20-21). In the highly competitive group of mostly math schools 3 of our students ranked within the Top 20.

Senior Mihaela Zaharieva finished in the Top 10 after Day 1 of the Olympiad. Additionally, she and eleventh graders Victor Kouzmanov and Todor Manev ranked in the top 20 on the hardest theme, the one for juniors and seniors. The three of them took part in the second qualification round, often called the experimental one, and did an excellent job. The second round aims to select the 10 students who will continue the competition for becoming members of the representative team of the country. Students get five hours to solve three international level theoretical problems and make one experiment.

Congratulations to all ACS physicists, students and teachers alike, for their success! Again!

Detailed results can be seen at: