Student Success at the LACAH VI European Mock Trial Tournament

by ACS Introduction to Law Club

Dear ACS Community,

It is with much pride and joy that we would like to congratulate our Law enthusiasts on yet another milestone reached last weekend!

On the weekend of November 11-12, sixteen ACS students from Grades 8-12 took part in the LACAH VI EUROPEAN MOCK TRIAL TOURNAMENT, which was hosted online by the Law Association for Crimes Across History (LACAH), a nonprofit, student-run mock trial organization based in Shanghai, China.

Four ACS Teams, consisting of:

  • Iva Ivanova ‘24, Aya Al-Hasani ‘26, Miroslav Dimitrov ‘26, and Anna-Maria Paskaleva ‘27 (Team 1);
  • Ema Yordanova ‘24, Polina Trifonova ‘26, Martin Borisov ‘26, and Mihail Angelov ‘28 (Team 2);
  • Joana Hristanova ‘24, Zachary Pavlov ‘24, Nia Dimova ‘24, and Kaloyan Dimitrov ‘25 (Team 3);
  • Mihaela Emanuilova ‘25, Simona Simeonova ‘25, Nicole Nikolova ‘25, and Nikola Markov ‘25 (Team 4),

donned their slick suits and creative costumes to compete among participants from Europe and Asia, and to experience an original LACAH take on an historical legal case, engaging moral questions on the guilt of bystanders.

What is more, their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed, for it was ACS students who secured ALL of the LACAH Awards, as follow:

  • Best Team - Team 1,
  • Best Attorney - Anna Maria-Paskaleva ‘27 and Simona Simeonova ‘25, and
  • Best Witness - Anna Maria-Paskaleva ‘27 and Polina Trifonova ‘26. Followed by Miroslav Dimitrov ‘26.

THANK YOU to Dr. Benoit and Dean Morison for providing space for the second day of the tournament; to Iva Ivanova (12/5) and Ema Yordanova (12/4) for guiding the Intro to Law Club’s contestants through both the paper and oral stages of the mock trial tournament; and to Ana-Maria Krusteva (12 IB) and Iva Ivanova (12/5), LACAH Heads of European Representatives for promoting such amazing opportunities for everyone interested in pursuing Legal Studies.

With kindest regards,

ACS Introduction to Law Club