Happy Earth Day Everyone!

This year ACS celebrates Earth Day with several events:

- ACS Ecology Club organizes a Book Swap.

- Prep class students have been decorating flower pots in the last month. Today they plant flowers in them to become part of a beautiful garden behind preps' academic building. On Arts Fest (June 8) students will sell them to festival guests, all proceeds from the festival going for charity. In addition, the prep class will have a special advisory meeting on April 23 aiming at raising awareness about keeping our Earth clean.

- The ACS Vitosha Adopt-a-Trail group organizеd a clean-up marathon April 20. In the morning, volunteers cleaned areas in the neighbourhood of our school, as part of the national campaign "Let's Clean Bulgaria in a Day", initiated by one of our national TV channels. In the afternoon, they continued wirh cleaning up our "adopted trail" on Vitosha Mountain. There were students, faculty members and their families, alumni, and parents among the volunteers.

Here also one of the global campaigns of the Earth Day Network that the College is part of in connection to Earth Day 2013:

A massive collection of images from all around the world representing the theme for this year’s Earth Day, The Face of Climate Change, is being put together online. These images depict either the negative impacts of climate change or situations that show citizens taking action to mitigate climate change. The images make up an interactive digital display shown today at Earth Day events all over the world and can be seen here:


Photos can be submitted on the homepage of the Earth Day 2013 here:


(The photo on the top is one of our preps' entries for the digital images' collection.)

Let every day be Earth Day!


Prep Class students planting flowers on Earth Day. See more photos by Alexandra Baranova 8/7 HERE.