Summer Academy in Biology and Immunology of Reproduction Initiated by ACS Students

In June and July, the ACS Biotechnology Club president Kristabel Konta and vice-president Rado Angelov initiated several meetings with members of the academic community. As a result, they arranged the participation in a summer academy in collaboration with the Bulgarian Academy of Science’s Institute for Biology and Immunology of Reproduction, and the personal commitment of Professor Soren Hayrabedyan, PhD, and Desislava Vasileva, PhD, who presided over the academy. It was held August 1-7, and was a great success.

The academy consisted of several educational modules: cell morphology (of sperm and egg cells), tissue histology, working with a microscope, preparation of immunohistochemical sampling/localization of a specific protein in a tissue, color reaction, observation of the genetic expression of a specific gene after isolating the nucleic acids, growing and observing cultivated cells.

ACS students from Grades 10, 11, and 12 took part.

Kristabel Konta shared her conviction that this academy will become a tradition. The next edition is planned for the spring of next year.