ACS Success at the Fall Competition in Physics

by Takvor Baronian, Physics Teacher

I am glad to share the impressive performance of our students at the recently conducted in Koprivshtitsa Fall Competition in Physics. They achieved respectable results, claiming a number of prizes, more specifically:

8th Grade: Yordan Petkov, 2nd prize and Thomas Nastev, 3rd prize;

10th Grade: Kaloyan Stefanov, 2nd prize;

11th Grade: Kaloyan Dimitrov, 3rd prize;

12th Grade: Yoana Ilcheva, 3rd prize.

Additionally, our students from 12th grade ranked second as a team, an outstanding achievement. This gives us the best performance among the Foreign Language Schools, competing at the event. Congratulations to all who participated! 

I would like to extend my thanks to all the teachers that helped, more specifically our Physics teachers  for their work in preparing the students, as well as Alexandra Alexandrova for leading them during the competition.

Best regards,
Takvor Baronian