Perske House Dormitory

In March 2005 the dormitory of ACS was opened. It can accommodate 28 students in four double bedrooms, four rooms with three beds, and in two rooms with four beds. The dormitory also has:
  • laundry service;
  • a storage area for luggage;
  • a storage area for ski and snowboarding equipment;
  • a computer room with five computers and Internet access;
  • a lounge with a TV, VCR, stereo, refrigerator, and microwave. 

Students from the dormitory can regularly use the ACS sports fields and gyms. The dormitory is equipped with a fire-precaution alarm system and a local heating system.

The Dormitory Manager and Dormitory Activities Coordinator, who take care of the students 24 hours a day, live in small apartments in the dormitory. 

  Phone:  E-mail: 

Roumyana Isakova, Dormitory Manager

(359-2) 434 10 13
Ivan Yanev, Dormitory Activities Coordinator (359-2) 434 10 14