Another Full Scholarship Founded by an Alum

The Robin Mittenthal Scholarship with first Recipient in School Year 2023-24

Daniella with her kids, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the newest ACS scholarship, the Robin Mittenthal full scholarship, established by ACS alumna Daniella Molle, Class of 1997, this summer in the name of her late husband. After the Sunrise scholarship, established in 2021 and awarded to three students since, this is the second scholarship, founded by an alumna - an amazing testament to the culture of giving that the College fosters and its graduates embody.

"Sometimes we are privileged enough to be in a position to pass forward an opportunity. This year, the privilege was mine," Daniella shared. "I have been wanting to give back to ACS since I left this remarkable school. There are so many threads that connect the person I am becoming every day to my experience at the College. This summer, I was able to establish a scholarship in the name of my late partner, Robin Mittenthal. He was the kindest person I had ever known and someone who dedicated their life to serving others. It gives me great joy to think that while my personal life is removed from Bulgaria and ACS, I can make it possible for a Bulgarian child who dreams of coming to ACS to realize that dream. As a parent of school-age children, I know that a child’s flourishing impacts their whole family and not just them."

The Robin Mittenthal scholarship covers the full tuition fee for the education of one Bulgarian student for the complete five-year term of education, the first recipient of the scholarship being an incoming 8th grade student in the school year 2023-2024 at the American College of Sofia. The Robin Mittenthal scholarship is offered with preference to a student from a minority, from a single-parent household or residing outside of Sofia, whose family has high financial needs. Bulgarian students, recipients of the Robin Mittenthal scholarship, residing outside of Sofia, will have the opportunity to be accommodated for free at the dormitory of the American College of Sofia.

The recipients of the scholarship will have to maintain a GPA for every semester of minimum 5.25 and exemplary conduct throughout the five-year course of study at the American College of Sofia.