The New 2019-2020 Academic Year at the American College of Sofia

As many other features of life at the American College of Sofia, the first day of school involves remarkable customs by way of which the community welcomes the new academic year. For the preparatory class it began even earlier, on September 12, with a meeting with the families of the 8th graders, presentation of the faculty and staff, clarifications about the first weeks of school and a reception, hosted by the Parent-Teacher Association. The same day the new international students and those who joined the community after grader 8 and 9, took part in a number of activities to help their smooth transition in to the College.

The first day of school at the College is most special for the new prep class. As is tradition, the youngest members of the school community get their photo taken at the steps of Sanders Hall, just like all classes entering ACS have, since the reopening of the school in 1992. They will be recreating this photo in their last year at the College, when they are seniors. Their first days as students at ACS are also much too exciting and are dedicated to making friends and a smooth introduction into the College community.

As is customary, at the first day of school all students gather at the Green Field for the Opening Ceremony. United in their dedicated Blocks, they show off their group’s color and flag for the school to cheer. At the end, the new preparatory class present themselves in front of the school as well and the Student Council President and Vice-President hand them their flag, which the preps then take on a lap around the Green Field as well.


Here is how ACS President Dr. Richard Tucker Ewing Jr. described the significance of this first day of school during his welcoming remarks:

“As many different and fascinating stories as we have on this field, you all have one thing in common. Each of you as individuals earned your right to be here. Each of you here on this field – students, faculty, and staff – has earned your own place at ACS through what you have already accomplished in your lives: whether it be though your achievements as a student, educator, or staff member. But today is not a celebration of your past achievements. Today is a celebration of what lies ahead. New opportunities are here today for all of you. Let us all make the most of them, now, and in the days and months ahead.”

The festivities surrounding the start of the new academic year culminated with the traditional all-school photo on the steps of Ostrander Hall. We are taking the opportunity to wish our seniors and all students, teachers, parents and administration at ACS another inspiring, successful and full of unforgettable experiences school year. Good luck!