The American College of Sofia Debuts at Hack.Moscow v3.0

In late October a team of ACS students, led by SCIFI Manager David Yordanov made a debut appearance at one of the largest international hackathons launched in Russia for the community of tech geeks and developers – Hack.Moscow v3.0. This latest edition brought together more than 700 hackers, innovators, software engineers, entrepreneurs, and idealists from all over the world to bring to life complicated and mind-blowing ideas in a 48 hour time frame.

Petar Genov, Ioana Stankova, Stoyan Dinev and Kaloyan Yanchev arrived with many ideas but, together with David, they chose to focus on three projects simultaneously.

For the “Hack for Business” challenge the team chose to code up a chatbot to serve at a logistics company by taking orders via popular instant messenger apps and keeping the customer updated on the status. “Here We Are” challenged the teams display paved paths suitable for skateboarding onto existing navigation application, based on user input. “The same technology could be applied to display and guide people with mobility challenges through the accessible pathways around the city. I hope that this will very soon be reality.” - David commented and added:

“We had the opportunity to walk around the Red Square, explore the city center and visit the Moscow Space museum where we were happy to see photo of the first Bulgarian to go to space - Georgi Ivanov. We also had the chance to enjoy an exhibition of interesting engineering and technology achievements, including the Buran Space Shuttle. To me and all the students our participation at the Hack.Moscow v3.0 hackathon will remain an unforgettable scientific and cultural experience.”