Svetla Baeva ’03 Donates Her Book to Gipson Library

We just love it when alumni visit and tell us about the wonderful things they do. Svetla Baeva ’03 came to donate to the College the important sex ed book for girls (and not only), that she co-wrote, out in Bulgaria and the UK. The book aims to encourage a healthy curiosity towards sexual health, including on issues such as equality and violence against women, and its English-language version’s content is fully accessible online at We talked about the book and a 1000 other things, while showing Svetla around campus with its novelties and improvements since she last visited, like the Gipson Library and the SCIFI Maker Space, and about exciting student projects underway. Some things never change (overwhelming emotions of being back on campus, ACSers’ active citizenship), others (equal rights for real) change for the better because of brave people’s passion and tireless efforts. Thank you, Svetla and we hope to see you soon!