Successful ACS MUN Conference III

Over the course of the weekend, the third edition of the ACSMUN Conference took place. The MUN club and ACS campus welcomed 45 participants from Deutsche Schule Sofia, the First English Language School, the 91 German Language School, and the American College. Delegates had the pleasure of being addressed by ACS President Ms. Emily Sargent Beasley and Dr. Velislava Petrova, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, both of whom shared valuable knowledge, insight and advice with the students during the Opening Ceremony of the conference. Participants then set out for two days of debate in the GA3 and Historical Crisis committees. The topics which occupied them were as follows:

  1. General Assembly Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Issues (Third) Committee "Addressing the Ramifications of the Prolonged Conflict in Yemen" and "The State of Human Rights in Iran"
  2. Historical Crisis: "The Soviet-Afghan war in 1982"

As the conditions allowed for an in-person conference, students had the opportunity to enjoy each other's company and create a wonderful working atmosphere of discussion, negotiation, and cooperation. In the end, the GA3 committee passed a resolution on the first topic, and the Historical Crisis was successful in drafting up a peace treaty. All delegates deserve congratulations for their efforts, however, six distinguished themselves and were awarded the following awards:

  • Zachary Pavlov ’24: Best Delegate in the Historical Crisis
  • Maxim Todorov from Deutsche Schule Sofia: Honorable Mention in the Historical Crisis
  • Velislav Vaglev ’24: Best Position Paper in the Historical Crisis
  • Yoana Vladimirova ’23: Best Delegate in GA3
  • Adrian Doerfler ’25: Honorable Mention in GA3
  • Gergana Petrova from Deutsche Schule Sofia: Best Position Paper in GA3

The ACSMUNC III was also the Senior Independent Honors Project (SIHP) of Denitsa Boykova (12/1), Anna Hatchikian (12/2), and Valerie Kamberova (12/4), advised by Dr. Zornitsa Semkova. The organizing team would like to express their gratitude to all who supported them in the organization and conduct of the conference as well as to those who trusted them with their time by participating in the event. They highly appreciate the help received from the sponsors of the event: Lemurbooks, Coca Cola, and the Student Activities Fund.