Success of ACS MUN Delegates at the AUBG Model United Nations Conference

Throughout the Liberation Day holiday, March 3-5, a fifteen-member ACS MUN team took part in the AUBG Model United Nations Conference. 

The ACS team performed outstandingly well and was recognized by the conference team with the Best Delegate Awards for all three committees of the conference:  

  • Security Council - Denitsa Boykova ’23 (Russian Federation)
  • Environment Assembly -Sara Behar ’24 (Venezuela) 
  • Human Rights Council - Bogdan Zhekov ’24(Qatar)  

Furthermore, due to their amazing contribution, nine more members of the team received Honorable Mentions:

  • Security Council - Anna Hatchikian ’23 (USA) and Zahari Pavlov ’24 (France)
  • Human Rights Council - Stanimira Petrova ’24(Finland), Yoana Vladimirova ’23 (Mexico), Ryland Ivanov ’25 (India), and Yoana Hristanova ’24 (Kazakhstan)
  • Environment Assembly - Adrian Doerfler ’25 (Bangladesh), Ema Yordanova ’24 (Italy), and Svetlozar Dimitrov ’25(Senegal)

The ACS delegation engaged in active discussions in the three committees of the conference, which managed to pass two resolutions each. During the three days of conference the delegates collaborated with students from AUBG majoring in studies in the fields of International Relations and Politics as well as with representatives of First English Language School in Sofia.

“The ACS MUN team was very pleased with the organization of the event and would like to express their special gratitude to Mr. Thong "James" Nguyen, President of the AUBG MUN Club, who helped us feel at home at AUBG.” - Dr. Zornitsa Semkova, ACS Model United Nations Club Sponsor commented.

Congratulations to all delegates, Philosophy Teacher Vassilena Stoyanova and to D-r Zornitsa Semkova for another success!