Spelling Bee

Оn April 3 all the 8th graders got together in the Whitaker Auditorium to cheer their classmates participating in the final round of the 8th Grade Spelling Bee Competition.

All the students in the 16 advisory groups participated in the first round of this competition back in March but only 32 of them made it to the second round later that month. Only the best nineteen students earned the right to proceed to the final and most challenging round on April 3. 

At the final, the prep audience supported all participants and the suspension was increasing with each participant dropping out. The battle was very close for some time and the judges seemed to start having difficulties choosing even longer and more difficult words. They even had to resort to exotics like ‘entrepreneur’, which caused exclamation of astonishment in the audience. Marieta Karastoyanova 8/7 and Simona Ivanova 8/7 battled it out for first place for an incredible 8 rounds but Marieta was the final winner, followed by Simona in second place. Petаr Beevski 8/6 came third in this unforgettable Spelling Bee Competition. 

Congratulations to the winner and all participants!