Regional Round of the IT Olympiad 2023

Students at ACS often have a vision of the future and through their talents and skills they create modern solutions to modern challenges. The regional round of the IT Olympiad which took place on February 19, 2023, was what highlighted some of these projects. Four teams represented ACS in the following areas:

In the areas of "Software applications" and "Multimedia applications" for grades 8-10: Maria Baldzhieva ’27 and Elitsa Dekova ’27 presented an application called "Yashoo" (#158), suitable for learning key phrases in foreign languages when traveling.

In the areas of "Distributed applications," "Modern visual information systems," and "Big data" for grades 11 and 12:

Ivan Dimov ’24 and Ivan Bliznakov ’24 presented their project "Dollary" (#194), a working application for Android. "Dollary" is a comprehensive fund management app that offers a wide range of financial management tools, including investments, loans, and money transfer options, and allows users to buy products from online stores through the app, track their shopping activity and better understand their personal finances.

Eric Adam ’24 and Todor Nedev ’24 presented a mobile app called "Varcho" (# 195), which uses augmented reality (AR) to help users make design choices for the floor covering of an unfinished space. The application detects the ground surface of a room and gives users the option to visualize it with various materials and textures, thus saving time and money. The primary function of "Varcho" is already working, with additional functionalities currently in development.

Yasen Horozov ’24 and Mihaela Tzvetkova ’24 developed a Braille Reader & Writer application (# 459), which has the potential to significantly improve the lives of visually impaired people by providing them with a simple and intuitive way to read and write on their mobile devices. The app reads users' input of Braille characters and uses haptic feedback to provide vibrations that correspond to the Braille characters, enabling users to read what they've written through touch. The keyboard also translates the Braille input into standard text.

We are proud of all these students and their achievements and congratulate them and their instructors!