Prep Week 2023

All week the weather was fantastic for outdoor activities: what better way to breathe in the atmosphere at a new school, to get to know your classmates, to be introduced to your teachers, to build trust and establish respect - and have fun, that prerequisite for really wanting to go back to school.

September 11-15 the new 8th graders started their transition to life at the American College of Sofia through various classroom sessions relevant to life at ACS and reflective of our values: discussing the student handbook, behavior and manners, clubs and activities, plagiarism, time management, healthy habits, empathy, tolerance and diversity, and growth mindset. The ice was broken and team spirit started budding through a ton of games and challenges like capture the flag, create a human machine with your bodies, Аh-Soh-Koh, blind sniper, bull rush, clothespin war, and of course, salsa dancing. This way, Prep Week began the work of having incoming students experience ACS life as one of a community. 

Welcome to School Year 2023-2024 and welcome to ACS, Class of 2028. We are so glad to have you join the ACS family!