October 2019 Block Day Activities

What is better than a compressed school schedule? Compressed school schedule with Block Day right after! On Wednesday, October 23 the students at ACS flew over their classes and landed at the first Block Day of this school year.

The Dean’s Office, the Block Leaders, the staff, and the administration of the College had prepared for the students an array of games, competitions and tasks for the different groups to solve together, get to know one another better and enjoy in the sunny autumn afternoon.

All Blocks went up against each other in the Shrinking Island, Toss the Dragon Egg, Human Knot, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Human Machine, Hula Hoop + Ball Relay Races, and Group Juggling challenges. These competitive challenges prompted the students’ team spirit, helped them get to know their peers from their own and other blocks better and stimulated their active lifestyle – what Block Days are all about.

At the end of the day the students and teachers left the campus invigorated, wearing a smile and richer by a few new friendships. Check out selected moments from Block Day: