News from the ACS Parent-Teacher Association

Project for the Construction of a New Multifunctional Sports Field

On October 18, the annual conference of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at the American College of Sofia took place. ACS president Richard Ewing presented the actively engaged parents with an update on the current financial and academic status of the school and together, parents and administration, outlined the activities they want to focus on for the current school year.

The newly-elected Board features Elena Onbright as President, Evgenia Selvelieva as Secretary, Camellia Vankova as Treasurer, and parent representatives for each grade level. The members of the Association decided to actively support the construction of a new multi-functional sports field by participating in fundraising and promoting the project. The assembly voted to work on increasing the association’s membership base, to hold monthly working meetings, and to increase the membership fee to 50 leva, effective next school year. 

“According to the general opinion, the children of parents who are more involved in the learning process, achieve higher academic results, so we can be confident that we have done the maximum for our kids. This association is created by people who believe that helping the whole community to move forward is the best way to establish a launchpad for the individual to jump higher. It is extremely rewarding when new people with the same beliefs are joining.” – PTA Secretary Evgenia Selvelieva commented.