Fresh on the ACS Blog: The Story of Leo Levieff '43

As Told by His Daughter Valerie

The American College Tennis Club in 1940

The American College alumni from the period before the school was forced to close in 1942 are unfortunately not around anymore but their children are. Sometimes this is enough for a portrait to come to life, as it happened in the summer of 2023 when US-based Valerie Levieff got in touch with us to ask if we had any records of her father Leo Levieff, a student at the American College (of Simeonovo) back in 1937-1942. The school did have records of Leo. As we shared those with Valerie over the summer, we were impressed by the remarkable job she had been doing of remembering her father’s life story including details of his time at the College and Bulgaria. We were thrilled when Valerie enthusiastically agreed to share her many fond memories of her dad in a Zoom interview from her home in Connecticut. Welcome all to the story of Leo Levieff '43 as remembered by his daughter Valerie!