Success at IT Olympiad

The regional round of the IT Olympiad took place on March 9 at the National Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Dr. Paulina Todorova reported, "The students from the American College of Sofia had an outstanding presence with remarkable projects which sent them to the national IT Olympiad."

We were impressed by the project of seniors Atanas Pashov and Taniel Gulian when they presented it on campus at Founders' Day for the appreciation of our guests from 5 schools in Greece, Turkey and Lebanon. Atanas and Taniel's invention is the EcoScanner mobile app. By scanning the bar code of products made in Bulgaria one can get information of their specific characteristics including the material used for their production.

The other projects by our students awarded at the Saturday Olympiad are:

In the Application Programs category, Enhanced Reality Teaching by 9th grader Ognyan Trayanov and junior Boris Radulov. The application gives students the opportunity to have their textbooks at the tip of their fingers so they can save both money and the environment.

In the Internet Applications category, Platform for Learning English (EnglishKo) by ninth graders Yoana Stankova and Kaloyan Yanchev. That is an internet platform which helps students learn English easier by employing different levels, interactive problems, and various tests on different topics such as animals, colors, clothes, etc.