In-Vitro Micropropagation in Plants and 3D Image Conversion App

Some of What ACS Students Are Working on

The Biofest at the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski” earlier this fall ended with great success by highlighting the importance of organic and natural products and the eco-living culture.

Five students from ACS Yvette Dimitrova (11/4), Ivo Yordanov (11/5), Ognian Trajanov(10/6), Darina Molova (10/8) and senior Boris Radulov led by biology teacher Dr. Dineva took part in the Festival as invited presenters. University and high-school students, researchers and academics were all gathered in one place to share this incredible experience with each other.

Yvette and Ivo presented a hot topic for the last few years: in-vitro micropropagation of various plant species and led a hands-on session for the guests of the Biofest. Ognian and Darina presented their working application which converts figures from the Biology Textbook and a Textbook used at Sofia University in 3D images. They said: “We were able to show to the guests methods that we have used for the last two years and to spark their curiosity about Biology. There were many interesting discussions about possible future use and how these methods impact the world we live in”.

ACS’ participation in Biofest builds on previous success. In the spring of 2019 these students, together with Nikolay Mitev and Aleksandar Zheliazkov, won the Excellent Rating award at the Vienna International Science and Engineering Fair, supported by the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) in the Austrian capital and hosted by Vienna International School.