Gift of Security Success

In a year of unprecedented challenges, we had a year of unprecedented accomplishment.

As the COVID-19 crisis engulfed the world in March and April, economic uncertainty and health restrictions led to recession. Small and family businesses got decimated. For us at ACS, this indicated potential rise in financial aid applications for 2020-21. It also meant that giving to the school was significantly lagging behind last year’s temps. By June, the ACS Development Office determined that 65,000 leva was needed to compensate for the slump. We had to gather it by August 31, the end of our giving cycle.

That was the origin of the Gift of Security campaign, aimed at collecting money for financial aid to support the ACS families hurt by the economic downturn.

We appealed to various leaders throughout our community to join in the effort. President Ewing kicked off the campaign with a video message. Favorite teachers recorded impassioned testimonials about wanting to see their students back in the classroom without any money concerns. Alumni and trustees gave in record numbers and amounts. Former teachers and current parents of ACS students gave too. Those who had given in the past typically raised the amount of their gift, and new givers joined for the first time. The word resounded everywhere where members of our community keep our mission at heart.

By the end of the day, August 31, we had received 86,324.37 leva.

It is a record in our school’s history. This summer even the most far-flung members of this community rose to prove once again that the ACS family is strong and united. We can rely on each other, even in this time of dire economic crisis.

On behalf of the families of current students, we humbly thank every donor in this campaign.