The American College of Sofia hosted Founders’ Day on March 7 through 9.

Founders’ Day is developing as an annual event bringing together students and educators from a group of regional international schools with similar histories, missions, and values. The goal of Founders’ Day is to facilitate educational and cultural exchange between these vibrant school communities that share a common origin and enduring legacies.

Including the Pierce – the American College of Greece, Tarsus American College (Turkey), Üsküdar American Academy in Istanbul (Turkey), American Collegiate Institute in Izmir (Turkey), SEV American College in Istanbul (Turkey), International College in Beirut (Lebanon), as well as the American College of Sofia, these now secular schools were founded more than a century and a half ago by American missionaries.

The theme of Founders’ Day 2019 is to compare and contrast our institutional histories, heritages, and missions through the use of innovative technologies. Guests will have the opportunity to experience first-hand some of the activities that set the American College apart from other top schools in Bulgaria, including, but not limited to Chromebook Activity, Audio-Visual Studio Activity, Robotics and 3D & Computer-Assisted Design (CAD). In addition to the workshops for our 32 visiting students, the College is hosting a special exhibit, “Innovations in Action” featuring work of ACS Olympiad participants between 3 and 3:45 pm on March 8.

The opening ceremony took place on Friday, March 8, in Whitaker Auditorium. It brought together the ACS community, guests from the visiting schools, together with distinguished diplomats and international representatives for a showcase of the mission, philosophy and achievements of the participating schools.