Celebrating Bulgarian Liberation Day March 3rd 2020

Yesterday, March 2nd 2020, at the steps of Ostrander Hall the American College of Sofia community attended a ceremony in celebration of Liberation Day. The College choir opened the event with a performance of the Bulgarian national anthem, immediately followed by solemn celebratory speeches by five talented students. In conclusion to his traditional address to the students, faculty and staff at ACS, President Ewing said:

“I want to leave you today with the immortal words of Vasil Levski, who committed his life to seeking liberty and to his belief that every nation, and every person must be given the right to live with dignity and freedom.“If I win,” he said, “I win for an entire people; if I lose, I only lose myself.”

We owe it to men and women like Vasil Levski to remember and honor them. We owe it to them not to forget. But I am here to tell you: It is not enough to pay tribute to the great heroes and heroines of the past, to honor their courage and their sacrifice. We owe them more than that. And we owe more to ourselves.

So on this Liberation Day, I encourage you not just to remember the past but also to focus on your present and your future. And I urge you to make the most of your talents and to find your own unique way to bend the arc of history towards that which is great and good in the human spirit. Chestit Treti mart.”