The Blended Learning Task Force Shares Results

The ACS administration and faculty worked over the summer to prepare for any eventuality stemming from the pandemic and its societal and educational repercussions. One of the teams working on this was the Blended Learning Task Force. The results of its work were presented on September 8 at an all-faculty meeting in Whitaker Auditorium.

“Blended learning” may include any number or variety of learning practices, but in essence we’re talking about a combination of digital materials and interaction with the students and the traditional face-to-face approach. We’ve already been doing it for a long time.

However, since the challenges of COVID-19 and related crises are unprecedented, these are our objectives for Blended Learning in 2020-21: to identify and address the issues and concerns expressed during the period of Distance Learning; to provide tools and support for Blended and Distance Learning based on the ACS community needs.

What the Blended Learning Task Force achieved over the summer was to:

  • Identify and address the main Spring Semester surveys concerns
  • Prepare guidelines for Distance and Blended Learning, for the faculty and the parents
  • Prepare two lists with digital tools and platforms, and pedagogical resources
  • Recommend a universal digital assessment platform for the school
  • Build a Resilient Pedagogy Google Site