Another Great Day of Silence at ACS

On April 19, the College joined many schools around the world in celebrating the Day of Silence. At ACS, the event was initiated by the ACS Embrace Club with advisors ACS teachers Robert Braithwaite and Robert Nosker in support of those who are unable to freely express their beliefs, sexual orientation, or important aspects of their individual identity on a daily basis.

ACS participants joined by either pledging a vow of silence for the full school day or demonstrating emotional support for the movement by wearing a supporter badge. A silent art-project during lunch break, viewing the award-winning documentary Bully, and a ceremonial “breaking the silence” event at the end of the day with Gavin Creel’s song Noise were some of the exciting events within the ACS Day of Silence.

This year’s Day of Silence edition culminated in a discussion panel with five guest speakers, including Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the United States of America in Sofia Bryan Dalton, former ACS student Deyan Georgiev, English Language teacher and published author Garth Greenwell, school psychologist Andrey Kotsev, and locoal human rights activist Marko Markov from LGBT Deystvie. The personal experiences on the topics of bullying and intolerance they shared made this last event of the day both a thought-provoking, emotional, and beautiful experience for everyone who was there!

A special thank you to all who took part in organizing the event, to the guest speakers, and everyone present who thereby pledged to help make things better for those still unable to express themselves freely!

More about the global Day of Silence movement here: