Alebrijes Contest at ACS

In October the students in the Spanish-language sections got familiar with the Mexican cultural phenomenon Alebrijes. Alebrijes are mythical folklore figurines which trace their curious conception to a dream by Mexico City native artisan Pedro Linares at the turn of the last century. They are mostly crafted in clay or papier-mâché, but can be seen in much larger versions during traditional festivals in the country. 

According to one myth, the Alebrije figurine is able to lead the soul of the deceased from beyond to their relatives during the Day of the Dead, celebrated in Mexico in late October or early November. After the "meeting", the Alebrije takes the soul of the deceased back to their world.

As is traditional for ACS, the making of these figures grew into an exhibition, which evolved into a competition. The College community is currently voting on the most beautiful and well-crafted figurine, and its creator will win a scholarship for a two-week language course in Spain. There are incentive awards too.

Immersing yourself in the culture that a language carries and the customs of the people who use it daily is a great way to learn that language. When art is involved, it becomes a true enchantment of colors, artistic joy and exclamations. In Spanish.