ACS Air Station Online

The air quality station installed on campus has gone live.

As we informed you previously our talented students joined the citizen-driven project and assembled 10 state-of-the art air quality stations to help measure Fine Particulate Matter (FPM) in the environment. One of the stations was installed at Sanders Hall and the remaining 9 were donated to public schools around Bulgaria.

The air quality sensors measure PM10 and PM2.5, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. The information is streamed in real time to where it is visualized and provides citizens with crucial information about the air quality in Sofia. Green means go, but if the map or the sensor in close proximity turns orange or red, it is wise to postpone the planned jogging or walk in the park. The sensors also help us monitor local sources of pollution – residential heating with wood or coal, burning of tires, or car traffic.

There are hundreds of stations installed around Bulgaria by enthusiasts who are passionate about the environment and the urban quality of life. The assembly and adoption of a station is also fun. The process is described at where you can order your very own air quality station and contribute to keeping our cities green and healthy.