ACS Students Successful at the Young Talents National Scientific Contest

By Deyan Bozhkov (11/8)

ACS students Kaloyan Dimitrov (11/5), Momchil Kolev (12/10), Nikoleta Stoynova (11/1), and Deyan Bozhkov (11/8) did outstandingly at the Young Talents National Scientific Contest, held two weeks ago in the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 

Kaloyan and Momchil's robot dog companion Sharo, we all know and have come to love within the ACS community, won yet another award along with an invitation to take part in the MILSET EXPO-SCIENCES EUROPE 2024 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project impressed the jury with the innovations it incorporates - the simplified hardware design of its legs in combination with a new way to program motion with Bézier curves allowing the dog-robot to remain stable even when pushed. Sharo's charm and dance moves surely also contributed.

Junior Deyan Bozhkov took part in the contest with a project in mathematics, called Binary Strings with Forbidden Elements. The discoveries he made while working on the project included interesting results in graph theory and group theory, closely related to the famous Fibonacci relationship. The jury was impressed and awarded Deyan the Highschool Institute of Mathematics and Informatics prize - participation in the International Summer Research School.

Fellow ACS junior Nikoleta participated with her project called Improving Efficiency of Agrivoltaic Systems. It uses a software simulation to predict the most effective agrivoltaic systems in terms of energy production and quality of the grown plants. It suggests a new technology for growing crops beneath solar panels, and it is a promising solution to many environmental problems we face. 

Congratulations to the young ACS scientists who never cease to amaze us!