ACS Students part of the Organizing Team of the Second Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament Bulgaria

By Meriem Fereva '24

Better late than never, we are pleased to announce an accomplishment of the ACS students from earlier this school year. 

November 24-26, 2023, the European Youth Parliament Bulgaria held its Second Regional Selection Conference in Sofia, where more than 85 young people from Europe and elsewhere took part in discussions related to global issues. 

The theme of the event was “Ensuring Prosperity: Empowering the Youth for a Sustainable Future” and it covered topics such as global warming, youth activism, domestic violence, education, pollution, and equality. After a day of teambuilding, the participants discussed the mentioned topics and formed solutions to them, enriching their leadership, communication, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. During the last day of the event, the participants presented their resolutions that were voted for or against by other participants, similar to the true process that takes place in the European Parliament. With the help of Sofia Municipality, the participants also planted trees in Sofia South Park, symbolizing the event’s mission: to foster sustainability in the future, starting from now. 

All of the young people who took part in the event not only developed various skills necessary for their success, but they also enriched their worldview, engaged in communication with people from different cultural backgrounds, and helped to increase youth participation and citizenship in Bulgaria as well as in Europe: core values of the European Youth Parliament.

The event was head-organized by Polina Trifonova '26, while Blaga Ignatova '27, Alexandrina Bacheva '26, Stefani Naydenova '25, and Matilda Lorer '26 were part of the Organising Team, which actively contributed to the excellent organization of the event. 

Meriem Fereva '24 and Alexandra Daskalova '24, representatives of the Board of EYP Bulgaria, guided the organizers throughout the organizing process and the session itself.

Teodora Daskalova '24 was also engaged in the event as the Event Safe Person who provided support to the participants and looked after their wellbeing.

As a member of the Jury Team, Nikola Kralev '24 evaluated the work and skills of all the delegates, focusing on their leadership qualities, communication, and active argumentation.

Dara Popkoleva '25 participated as a chairperson of a committee and helped lead the delegates through informative discussions, interesting debates, and team building activities. 

Last but certainly not least, more than 20 delegates from ACS took part in the session and the resolutions of all of their committees were voted in favor! 

Congratulations to all involved!