ACS Science Fair and FISSION 2021: Online Events on the Horizon

In the spirit of persistence and resilience, the American College of Sofia is launching the preparation for the upcoming cornerstone scientific school events next semester: the Science Fair and the International Science Fair FISSION. Currently, both events are scheduled to occur online at the end of March 2021. FISSION has been traditionally attended by students from a variety of schools in Sofia, along with contenders from abroad, and, in the past, it has been sponsored by New Bulgarian University, the "America for Bulgaria" Foundation and Juliany.

Students have until Monday, November 23 to submit their application forms for Experimental Research or Working Model, along with the paperwork confirming the agreement of their teacher-supervisor.

Тhe creative works in science, math and computer science of the aspiring young theorists, experimenters, engineers, researchers, designers and coders for the ACS Science Fair and FISSION will take a certain amount of grit among other things. However, we are confident that our students and faculty will persevere for the sake of scientific exploration and we can’t wait to marvel at their experimental research projects and working models.