ACS Resumed In-person Teaching and Learning

On November 29, 2021

In response to the updated guidelines issued jointly by the Minister of Health and the Minister of Education and Science, the American College of Sofia resumed on-campus learning, effective Monday, November 29th.

To be able to reopen the campus in accordance with the new guidelines, the College requires all students, faculty, and staff to present valid green certificates upon entry or to be tested on site. Per the updated guidelines, testing will be occurring twice a week, typically on Mondays and Thursdays. All visitors to campus will need to provide a valid green certificate.

On test days students, faculty and staff with green certificates are to proceed directly to their first period class, test period or workplace, where their certificates will be validated and they will receive a stamp. Students, faculty and staff without green certificates will need to go to the gym to self-administer a non-invasive rapid antigen test. All with negative results will receive a stamp and will be allowed to proceed to their respective buildings. Those who test positive will need to leave campus and arrange for a PCR test within 24 hours. They will not be permitted back on campus until able to present a negative PCR test result.

“It is wonderful to have our students back on campus, and I thank the faculty and staff for all that they have been doing to prepare for their return. We must continue to work together to provide as safe an environment as we can for them and for each other. I want to thank everyone involved in the testing process in the gym and the entrance monitoring around campus on Monday morning.” - ACS President Richard Ewing, Ed.D. shared.