In the spring of 2012, ACS sports teachers made their first steps in playing golf at the St. Sofia Golf Club & Spa.

The golf program for our colleagues was initiated, organized, and coordinated entirely by ACS junior Vladislava Paskova who has been involved in this sport for many years herself. About a year ago, Vladislava suggested to Dr. Johnson, President of ACS, to include golf lessons in the ACS sports program. To fulfill her idea, Vladislava started by arranging free lessons at the St. Sofia Golf Club & Spa for the members of the Sports Department so that they gain the necessary skills to teach golf. It has already been decided that golf equipment will be bought in 2012-2013 school year and the sports classes at ACS will also include golf lessons.

As Dr. Johnson shared, “Vladislava demonstrated excellent organization skills – the whole project could not have been implemented without her active involvement. I think that golf lessons will add to the quality of our sports program as this sport’s popularity has been constantly increasing over the years. Our goal at ACS is to develop well-rounded people and I believe that golf skills can only be useful for the future career development of our students”.