ACS Equipped with UV-C Indoor Air Disinfection Devices

Like all educational institutions the world over, ACS had to handle the threat of COVID-19 and maintain rigorous academic standards in the face of unprecedented challenges.

There is an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 in public and crowded spaces. To reduce transmissions, in January of 2021 the American College of Sofia is installing 252 UV-C air purification devices across the indoor spaces of the historic campus, from classrooms, through the cafeteria to the SCIFI makerspace and administrative spaces.

The devices circulate air through capsulated compartments where the molecules are exposed to low-dose UV-C lighting and sterilized. Microbiology tests, including effectiveness against COVID, demonstrate the devices to be 99,9% effective against pathogens, and not releasing ozone. This, in combination with the lack of exposure to UV-C light, makes them safe to people. Additionally, all devices are connected to a timer for energy efficiency. 

The classroom and office disinfection devices were provided by world-renowned producer of lighting Beghelli, Italy, and purchased from Logolight Engineering Ltd., while the larger machines for bigger spaces were delivered by Bulgarian producer IKIS Light.