ACS Delegation to Deutsche Schule Sofia Model UN Conference

Nine ACS delegates attended the Deutsche Schule Sofia Model UN Conference held on the 8th and 9th of November 2019. Three seniors, among which were the President and the Vice-President of the club, three tenth graders, two ninth graders, and an eighth grader represented to the best of their abilities the interests of their assigned countries. 

The delegations varied significantly geographically and politically as our students represented Italy, Spain, Turkey, Chile, Columbia, North Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Australia. They had to work with delegates of a total of forty four countries in order to draft and vote resolutions on two topics, Measures to prevent the proliferation and to lower production capabilities of weapons of mass destruction through an active international political agenda and Measures to protect human, economic, social and cultural rights of people who identify as LGBTQ.

The conference was attended by students from Deutsche Schule, First and Second German Schools, First English School, Anglo-American School as well as guests from Munich, Germany.

Conflicts arose and were resolved, alliances with other delegations were made and some were broken... it was a conference full of surprises and fruitful debates. Even though it was the first conference outside ACS for eight out of our nine delegates, the team worked courageously and actively contributed to the debates and the adopted resolutions. Our team enjoyed the excellent organization and kind hospitality of our hosts from Deutsche Schule Sofia and feels ready for new exploits in the field of the Model United Nations.

*An article by Zornitsa Semkova, Ph.D., Teacher-Sponsor of the Model UN Club at ACS