The American College of Sofia will hold Debates Open 2019 on April 13-14

Over the weekend of April 13 - 14 the students from the Debates Club at the American College of Sofia will hold the fifth annual consecutive Open Debates Tournament. Sixteen teams from Sofia and the country will take part in the competition, which will take place in English. The culmination will be on Sunday, April 14, at the ACS Concert Hall from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM when the final debate on a prepared topic will take place. The closing & awarding ceremony will follow after, at 2 PM at the same location.

The prepared debate topics for the participants are: “This House Believes That: NATO Enhanced Forward Presence is doing more harm than good.”; This House Would ban government funding for art.” and “This House Believes That the Democrats should abandon identity politics as a central campaign tenant.” The tournament will challenge participants to debate impromptu topics for which they will have 1 hour to prepare.

Traditionally, the debates tournaments at the American College of Sofia attract strong teams from around the country as well as experienced judges. The National Debate Team will also join the ACS Debate Open 2019. We are expecting a spectacular final round on Sunday, to be attended by alumni, parents, and other members of the ACS community. We hope for media representatives to also join us and we kindly ask of them to get in touch with us in advance, so that we can facilitate their access to the ACS Campus.