ACS Celebrates Earth Day

- Prep Class Garden

- Lecture by Mr. Rumen Penin, a geographer and traveller, April 23, at 3:30 P.M., Concert Hall, Building 5

The ACS students celebrate Earth Day with various initiatives.

In order to raise awareness among the 8th graders about the significance of preserving our environment and the personal responsibility this involves, all eight sections had a 30-minute lesson that explained the purpose of Earth Day. The students prepared posters with pledges that reflected their personal involvement in the campaign. The posters were put up in the hallways of Sanders Hall where 8th graders study to remind them of their commitment to the eco cause.

Another idea of our preps was to plant their own garden on the college campus. During the week before Spring Vacation, they organized a bake sale, the proceeds from which went to buying 100 plants for the garden. On Friday, April 20, 15 volunteers planted the flowers, thus expressing their full support of preserving the environment around them. The project was both fun and educational since some of the kids had never planted a single flower in their life. The project will continue with instructing the 8th graders how to maintain the garden and stay responsible for it until the end of the school year.

You can see how our preps made their beautiful garden in the photo gallery of the website.

Furthermore, to celebrate Earth Day, Mrs. Rashkova and Mr. Zhelev, Geography teachers at ACS, have invited Mr. Rumen Penin, one of the most famous and interesting travellers and geographers in Bulgaria, to ACS. Mr. Penin is a Sofia University professor and author of many books for children and students. He has travelled to more than 85 countries in the world. He is going to present some of the countries in West Africa that he visited (Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal) with photos and a lecture.

The lecture will take place on Monday, April 23, at 3:30 P.M., in the Concert Hall, Building 5. The lecture will be held in Bulgarian language.

Everyone is also welcome to attend the exhibition of photos made by Mr. Penin during his travels to different parts of the world. The exhibition is in Abbott Hall, floors 1-3.