A Senior Independent Honors Project (SIHP) Introduced FinTech to College Community

Photos by: Dora Angelova

On February 13 ACS seniors Nikolay Dzhambov and Alexander Natchev organized a FinTech Seminar for their Senior Independent Honors Project (SIHP) and as a culmination to their campaign on getting the community better acquainted with the world of financial technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Guest speaker Pavlin Stoyanov, a lawyer with Deloitte, talked the audience through the local and global emergence of fintech companies that work with cryptocurrencies and led the discussion about business opportunities in mining, the dangers and risks of fraud, current issues and EU and Bulgarian regulations. His professional expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies was particularly helpful in discussing the various cryptocurrencies and ways to source them, and their expected future use. Mr. Stoyanov spent time clarifying other FinTech aspects as well, such as crowdfunding, digital lending and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The FinTech Seminar was a valuable experience for all ACS students who are on their way towards financial independence. Recently, the technology has been used more extensively in startup financing, which made the seminar even more beneficial, as FinTech also provides a broad field for anyone looking to develop in the areas of programming and AI as used in banking and credit scoring. 

On behalf of the community, we are thankful to Pavlin Stoyanov for taking the time to participate in this valuable event!