150th Anniversary Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends of the American College,

In the fall of 2010 The American College of Sofia will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the school. The American College of Sofia is one of the oldest American educational institutions located outside the United States.

The mission of the American College of Sofia is to provide a superior secondary education to the best and brightest young students in Bulgaria. We are concerned as much about developing the minds of our students as we are about developing their character. Since re-opening in 1992 after a 50-year hiatus, the American College has graduated over 1,400 students. Many have gone on to earn degrees at prestigious universities throughout the world. Graduates of the ACS class of 2009 are attending Bowdoin, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London School of Economics, Oxford, Princeton, St. Andrew’s, Toronto, Vassar, and Yale.

Unfortunately, as the cost of providing a superior secondary education in Bulgaria has gone up in recent years, so have our tuition fees. Compared to the international school here in Sofia or with other private schools in Europe and the United States, our fees are quite low. Nevertheless, we know that they are more than many Bulgarian families can afford.

One of our greatest challenges as the College moves forward is to ensure that ALL students who are accepted to the American College will be able to attend the school, regardless of the income levels of their families. Not only will this be good for the American College of Sofia, we believe that it will also be a good thing for the future of Bulgaria.

With this challenge in mind, our fundraising objective during this anniversary year is to establish an endowed scholarship fund to assist future students of the American College: The 150th Anniversary Scholarship Fund. Annual income from such a fund will help to meet the financial needs of our students.

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