Education Systems in Europe - from Nursery School to Professional Career

Erasmus+ Project

"Education Systems in Europe - from Nursery School to Professional Career" is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Human Resource Development Centre.

The grant is for the period of October 01, 2019 until August 31, 2021, and includes partners from five other countries: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece and Turkey. The participants will extend their knowledge of education systems in Europe and will be able to compare them with one another.

Project activities include acquiring knowledge about good practices in European education systems, developing digital competences, social competences, improving foreign language skills, broadening interest in other cultures and making new contacts throughout  Europe. Participating pupils will be prepared for living and working in United Europe. The project has a very strong European dimension. 

Activities include creating project homepage, preparing presentations on our education systems, cooperation on different assignments and acquiring knowledge and exchange visits. 

In the beginning of November three 10th graders and two 11th graders visited Europaschule Gladenbach near Frankfurt am Main within the College’s partnership with the Erasmus + Program. The exchange project is exploring the educational systems in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria and is helping ideas and best practices sharing. The ACS students visited classes at the German school and stayed with local families to help them get further immersed into German culture, customs and daily life. Additionally, they took two educational trips: to the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Frankfurt and the Mathematikum - the first hands-on mathematical museum. 

“I would say the most important thing was that we interacted with many students from different countries and ethnicities which is very useful, because we get to learn more about the various cultures of these people. Another important thing is that we managed to represent Bulgaria as a European country with a rich history.” ACS participant and 10th grader Hary Dikov commented. 

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Our participation in the Erasmus+ project and the week in Croatia gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of students from all around Europe and learn more about their culture, while also improving our team-work and presentation skills. Every day felt like an adventure because we were very curious to find out what plans for the day lay ahead - including attending some classes in the school and visiting different landmarks in the nearby towns. We look forward to welcoming the participants at ACS next year!