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Performing Arts

Students at the American College have a variety of opportunities to participate in the performing arts. There are several stage productions every year, including an English-language Musical Performance and a Bulgarian-language Drama. In addition, there are opportunities for students to showcase their talents at our annual winter Christmas Concert, springtime Arts Fest, and Classical Music Concert.

In 2007, ACS expanded its Arts Program, connecting professional directors, musicians, conductors, and dance coaches to students at the College. This initiative not only enhanced the opportunity for student involvement, but it also created a unique partnership between ACS and professionals within the Bulgarian arts community.    

Lastly, our mentors, together with our students, also work in truly diverse groups such as our Balkan Dance Ensemble (which also includes parents and teachers as a part of the regularly occurring practices), the ACS Choir, and in more recent years there have been many student rock bands. 

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Meet the Performing Arts Program Team

Boris Pankin

Arts Program Director
  • Master of Arts in Drama Theater Directing

  • National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia

Kristian Popov

ACS Choir Conductor / Musical Group Vocal Director
  • Master of Arts in Choir Conducting

  • Bachelor of Arts in Conducting and Clarinet

  • National Academy of Music "Pancho Vladigerov”, Sofia

Marian Bachev

Bulgarian Drama Program Director
  • Master of Arts in Performing Аrts Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Drama Theater Acting

  • National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia

Milena Tsolova

ACS Choir Accompanist / Instrumental Program Advisor
  • Master of Music in Piano Performance

  • University of South Florida, Tampa, USA

  • Bachelor of Music in Piano and Music Education

  • State Music Academy "Prof. Pantcho Vladigerov"

Anastasiya Nedelcheva

Dance Program Director
  • Major Dance Program

  • Sofia Opera and Ballet

  • National School of Dance Art, Sofia

  • Swiss Professional Ballet School, Zurich